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Florida Mind Health Center For Ketamine Therapy is Gainesville's only ketamine infusion therapy center, bringing revolutionary solutions for a number of treatment-resistant mood disorders and pain-related conditions. Many of our patients see an improvement after just one session, making ketamine infusions a viable option for anyone who isn't getting results with traditional treatment methods. At Florida Mind Health Center, patients receive personalized treatment in a calming, serene environment.

Ketamine is one of the biggest breakthroughs to come along in decades, treating a number of mood and chronic pain conditions. Think of your brain’s neural pathways as a series of streets. Certain disorders and recurring pain make it difficult for the brain to repair roadblocks or potholes that may develop without the side effects that traditional medications can cause. At low doses, ketamine has been proven to redevelop the neural pathways in the brain without those side effects.

Why Choose Florida Mind Health Center?

I must admit, I was a skeptic initially. Partly because I lost hope that anything could change my life for the better and also because this seemed to good to be true! I was certainly in for a surprise. After 2 weeks of treatment my life and everything in it changed. I was at peace, happy, and dealing with situations Read More like I could have never imagined! This treatment worked and enriched my life so much! Zohar was with me every step of the way. He answered questions, coached me through each step and was a great aid in this process. He is very patient and knowledgeable with a great level of expertise. He truly has a passion for people and has aided greatly in increasing my quality of life. The therapy was very difficult, but VERY worth it. I never thought I could feel the way I do today. I'm so VERY thankful for Zohar!

- Jennifer B.

Ketamine treatment is firmly grounded in science, and Zohar is the most patient-caring provider I've ever met.

- Yulia S.

This treatment has helped to give me my life back. I was feeling hopeless and beyond repair. The treatment was very difficult but I feel like I can think clearly about my situation now and actually have laughed for the first time in a month. Thank you so much.

- Sheyna C.

Florida Mind Health Center has helped me live my best life again. After going through Post- Partum Depression, I felt like life was unstable for me. Doctors put me on different medications that would change my mood and I would have to take this medication everyday for an extended period of time. Zohar introduced me to a different level of Read More care called Ketamine IV therapy. This therapy was only 6 treatments out of the course of 2 weeks. After the treatments, I felt like a new me. I had a clear mind with positive thoughts and a will and purpose to get up and go. I highly recommend Florida Mind Health Center to anyone I come across. Thanks Zohar for introducing me to this new treatment and helping me get back to a normal life.

- Biunka H.

Zohar is incredible, I’d recommend my closest friends and family to see to him.

- Kaley H.

I have seen psychologists and psychiatrists and have been on Prozac (and tried many other SSRI and mood affecting meds) for about 22 years. I reached a point where I felt hopeless and just could not stop my mind from spinning, regardless of talk therapy, increased medication, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, etc. My sister, who lives elsewhere and also suffers similarly, Read More told me about Ketamine. She has had 15 ECTs without success, but with the recent Ketamine protocol, her ability to function with her depression was so amazingly positive that I knew I needed to try it. I researched everything I could about this new procedure. I found an array of Drs in different practices that were providing it. Some concerned me, because I wanted someone who really knew the medications. It’s not just “here take 60 mg of Prozac and come back in 6 weeks.” It’s a fine balance of knowing Ketamine and monitoring your breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. I wanted to feel safe and confident in someone who knows IV meds, and has used and is familiar with Ketamine. When I found Zohar, who is in anesthesiology, I knew I found “my guy!” I had a friend who had first seen Zohar and had tremendous success with the Ketamine treatments. She allowed me to attend one of her treatments! After that, I couldn’t schedule with Zohar fast enough!!! It’s hard to describe just how wonderful Zohar is! He is focused on just you the entire time. Being in anesthesiology, he has years of expertise in starting IVs, using Ketamine regularly, knowing how much to use for each individual, and is SUPER educated in this new treatment option. His facility is comfortable, clean, and private. He has texted me throughout the process and has even picked me up and dropped me off from my house when I didn’t have a ride! I have really felt that he is personally invested and really cares. I have recently completed the six treatments in two weeks. AND I HAVE HOPE AGAIN!

- Megan L.

I have just completed two weeks of ketamine treatment with Zohar Levites, professional anesthetist. In my case, the dose was given intravenously during six one-hour sessions. For me they were amazing, life-changing events. In my long life (87 years), I have regretted never having a psychedelic experience. A few experimental marijuana sessions were my limit. Ketamine filled the gap. Keeping Read More my eyes closed during the ketamine infusion resulted in some lovely, compelling images. For someone about to embark on this trip, I would say forget your anxiety. It’s wonderful, mind-opening experience. While I noted no dramatic mood improvement after the first two treatments, I definitely did after the third. My depression seemed to dissolve and I felt some enthusiasm for life again. On awakening in the mornings, I no longer felt dread for the day ahead. The only side effect of the drug was sleepiness after the sessions, which I treated with long naps. Zohar is brilliant—and I don’t use that word easily. He received his training and education in Russia, Israel and the United states. He has done basic as well as clinical research. Somewhere in his life, he also learned to be attentive and caring in his personal relationships. It’s impossible not to like him. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone in need of relief of depression refractory to other forms of treatment. My depression lasted over two years. For the last year, I could do nothing but lie in bed, stare at the ceiling, and be driven to doctor’s appointments. My psychiatrist at Sands Hospital recommended him, where she knew him for nine years. She was the first to inform me that there are several new approaches to persistent depression, ketamine treatment being one. (Ketamine has FDA approval.) Zohar Levites has my unqualified approval. If I find myself slipping into depression again at any time in the future, I shall certainly return to him for some “booster” treatment.

- Barbara C.

Zohar saved my life! After suffering for the better part of 9 years, I feel like the mountain in front of me when it came to daily tasks has been reduced to a little speed bump. I finished my 6th treatment yesterday and have seen dramatic results in these two weeks, bar my brief depression flare after the second treatment, which is normal. I would highly recommend ketamine therapy to anyone Read More with treatment-resistant depression, and especially Zohar’s clinic for that treatment. You get your own room, electronic reclining chair, and (my favorite) a weighted blanket. Bring noise cancelling headphones if you have them, the clinic has WiFi so you can put on whatever music you want while you have your infusion. Thank you Zohar!

- Emma G.

We have been down a very long road and tried many treatments. Florida Mind Health has helped us make more progress than we ever hoped. Zohar is attentive, kind and explains the process intelligently and with compassion. We have been very satisfied and highly recommend them.

- George B.

Zohor really understands the importance of a compassionate clinical atmosphere for the treatment of anxiety and depression. His treatments have helped my loved one immensely, and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering ketamine treatments.

- Jennifer M.

I've had multiple ECT treatments to battle my Bi Polar 2 diagnosis and went looking for a less evasive treatment plan. I found Dr. Zohar V. Read about Ketamine Therapy and the benefits it may have for my issues. Dr. Z and I spoke several times and began a great Dr./patient dialogue. I found him to be well knowledged and skilled in his specialty and the comfort I gained from his confidence in this therapy, was uplifting Read More I've had a few treatments and can tell you that the weight of my issues have been altered drastically. That intense anxiety I lived with for so long is now focused energy that is working for my future and not stagnating in unproductive worry. These treatments have truly prioritized, structured and developed positive thinking habits in very little time. Thank you Dr. Z.

- Tim N.

I’ve been seeing different therapist and doctors for over 4 years and while it helped some, this treatment was the only thing that’s ever given me a full remission of the depression. I was also surprised that the ketamine treatment here was cheaper than Spravato. Zohar is very flexible and can definitely help to find a time that works for you.

- Peter S.

I just wanted to share how much I appreciate the care and knowledge Zohar brought to my treatment of chronic pain and depression. The depression and anxiety are gone. As far as pain, your chronic pain protocol has worked for me, and I am doing much better. Again, thank you sincerely, Ina

- Ina P.



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