Treatment For Pain Disorders
& Recurring Pain

We use ketamine infusion therapy to help minimize the issues and discomfort our patients face due to chronic pain. Our chronic pain management treatments are designed to ensure that every patient receives proper care and has a full understanding of their infusion process.

Treatments For Recurring Pain In Gainesville

Spontaneous pain or pain that persists after an injury can turn daily, routine tasks into strenuous endeavors. At our ketamine treatment center in Gainesville, FL, our staff utilizes ketamine therapy to promote the body’s natural systems to adapt to the lingering pain without any lasting side effects.

Our guests can expect a relaxed environment paired with a personalized ketamine treatment plan to ensure that every ache and pain is addressed. At Florida Mind Health Center, we aim to alleviate these long-lasting pains, and work to restore our patients to a state of physical ease.

Constant pain doesn’t have to be a required part of living. Contact our ketamine therapy clinic today to discuss with one of our staff on how ketamine infusions for pain can be used to bring you relief from enduring issues. We will schedule you for a consultation and work with your primary care provider to establish a customized treatment plan tailored to your ongoing pain.