Bipolar Disorder Treatments

Extreme mood swings between mania and depression are characteristic of bipolar disorder, a brain disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness. Bipolar disorder has traditionally been treated with three classes of medication, including antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, and antidepressants, but at Florida Mind Health Center, we offer an innovative treatment called ketamine-assisted therapy.

Ketamine has long been used in medicine for its analgesic properties, but research and trials have shown ketamine infusions are also effective for treating an array of mood disorders, including bipolar disorder. In addition to managing the symptoms of bipolar disorder, ketamine therapy can treat so-called treatment-resistant cases, succeeding where other treatments couldn’t.

Ketamine & Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

A landmark National Institutes of Health (NIH) trial studying ketamine therapy for bipolar disorder found that patients with treatment-resistant bipolar disorder could regain the ability to enjoy activities — loss of interest in pleasurable activities is one of two main symptoms of bipolar disorder — within 40 minutes of a single ketamine infusion. What’s more, patients’ symptom improvements lasted for up to 14 days, and brain scans showed increases in healthy cognitive activity as a result of ketamine therapy. According to the NIH study, other bipolar disorder treatments were less effective than ketamine infusion therapy at restoring patients’ pleasure-seeking behaviors.

Ketamine Treatments For Bipolar Disorder In Gainesville, FL

If you or a loved one lives with bipolar disorder, then you know the condition can be debilitating for a healthy lifestyle. Manic episodes, known as mania or hypomania, can make it difficult to rationalize, control, or even be in the company of another person, while onsets of severe depression can result in withdrawal from the world. Bipolar mood swings can also last weeks or months at a time, making it difficult to hold a job, succeed at school, or maintain a relationship. At Florida Mind Health Center, we understand the complexities of bipolar disorder. Our ketamine therapy clinic in Gainesville, FL, is at the forefront of using ketamine for improved physical and mental health. Our team develops personalized ketamine infusion plans to address every patient’s symptoms and goals.

Getting treatment with ketamine for bipolar disorder is a new concept for some people, but awareness is growing. In the medical field, the mental health benefits of ketamine infusion therapy, and its advantages over other bipolar disorder drugs, are documented in psychiatry journals, such as The Mental Health Clinician. Other treatments can be toxic in high doses, requiring patients to have periodic blood tests. There’s also a potential the drugs won’t restore a patient’s diminished pleasure-seeking behavior. In contrast, ketamine infusions are proven effective at treating treatment-resistant cases as well as restoring a patient’s ability to take an interest in pleasurable activities. Are you ready for a new approach to bipolar disorder treatment? Contact us to schedule a consultation.