Referring A Patient For Ketamine Infusion Therapy

At Florida Mind Health Center, we believe in supplemental care plans to best provide treatment for our guests. By incorporating ketamine infusions, an emerging treatment for severe mood disorders and issues relating to lingering chronic pain, our medical staff provides comprehensive care plans that integrate current primary care practices with ketamine infusion therapy to ensure a well-rounded treatment procedure.

At our ketamine treatment center in Gainesville, FL, we aim to work cooperatively with primary care providers in order to deliver an adjunctive and personalized care plan based on each individual patient’s needs. When current medical practices prove to be ineffective, or patients respond poorly to prescribed medication, ketamine may prove to be an ideal alternative to solve these persistent issues. To learn more about how ketamine can benefit patients with unwavering problems relating to mood disorders or chronic pain, or to refer a patient to our ketamine clinic, contact us today.

Conditions Treated With Ketamine Infusions

Ketamine works by binding to the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) glutamate receptors that can be found through the nervous system. Once bound to the receptors, ketamine works by blocking the receptors ability to communicate with the parts of the brain responsible for pain and mood disorders. This gives the brain a chance to rework the neural pathways associated with these chronic conditions, providing lasting relief for patients, sometimes in as little as one treatment session.

Conditions treatable with ketamine therapy include:

Refer A Patient To Our Ketamine Treatment Center

The long-term relationship most patients have with their primary care provider is vital to seeing lasting results after a ketamine infusion. We ask that primary care physicians work collaboratively with our staff to ensure that patients respond appropriately after an infusion and that current care is maintained while guests are visiting our ketamine therapy clinic. Contact our Gainesville ketamine treatment center today to refer a patient for infusion therapy, or to learn more about how this treatment process can help patients with their chronic disorders.

Clinician Referral Form

To the Medical Staff of the Florida Mind Health Center:

I am currently treating


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For: *

I am concerned about the the severity of this patient's symptoms, and/or the patient has suboptimal responses to multiple treatments including:

I am referring the patient for consultation and evaluation for IV Ketamine Infusion Therapy as an adjunctive treatment in the management of this illness.

I acknowledge that I may review information about this therapeutic option at and/or contact you at (352) 448-6062 to discuss the treatment protocol.

NOTE: Ketamine infusion therapy is only one part of your patient's comprehensive treatment. We require patients to maintain continuity with their referring provider following the completion of their ketamine treatment.