Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation With Votiva

Vaginal stretching is a common issue that can occur following childbirth or the natural aging process. If you are struggling with internal or external vaginal health issues, such as laxity, dryness, and pelvic floor damage, you are not alone. In fact, about a quarter of women in the United States experience postpartum pelvic floor disorders, while many more experience vaginal dryness, laxity, and the burden of stress resulting from sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives.

At Florida Mind Health Center, we prioritize helping our clients reclaim their health, confidence, and happiness with women’s health and wellness services targeted to their unique needs. That’s why our Florida ketamine clinic offers vaginal rejuvenation with Votiva. This safe, FDA-approved, and non-surgical treatment addresses internal and external vaginal health issues for greater vaginal health and an improved quality of life.

What Is Votiva?

Votiva is the first-of-its-kind non-surgical treatment that treats both internal and external health issues affecting the vagina without the need for surgery. This vaginal tightening treatment is the first and only energy system approved by the FDA and cleared by the OBGYN division for sexual dysfunction and pelvic floor therapy for treating vaginal health issues. This non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation innovation uses the latest technology to address vaginal laxity, dryness, stress incontinence, and a host of other issues.

If you suffer from any of these issues, low blood flow, or reduced sexual interest, Votiva treatment may be right for you, as it increases blood flow and heightens sensitivity while likewise treating sagging tissue. This painless vaginal rejuvenation treatment is performed by an experienced female provider who will work closely with you to ensure an optimal procedure and results following your treatment.

What Does Votiva Treat?

Votiva vaginal rejuvenation treats a number of different vaginal health issues affecting the labia, canal, and vulva. Votiva uses two handheld devices, which emit radiofrequency waves to gently create heat in and around the vagina. The devices treat the inner and outer tissue of the vaginal canal and tighten the skin around the labia majora. The Votiva procedure increases blood flow and stimulates collagen production, treating dryness, increasing elasticity in and around the vagina, and improving tightness. Florida Mind Health Center is proud to provide nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation with Votiva, as it offers a safe, effective, non-surgical solution to a wide range of our patient’s needs. Our experienced female provider customizes each treatment to every patient who undergoes Votiva treatment, ensuring their desired results are achieved. Only approximately three treatments are required for quality results, though this may vary from patient to patient. Consider the following benefits of treatment with Votiva.

  • Performed in a dignified manner
  • Safe, FDA-approved treatment
  • Gently, painless & non-surgical procedure
  • Results appear after initial treatment
  • No downtime following the procedure
  • Zero known side effects
  • Corrects vaginal dryness and numbness
  • Treats urinary incontinence
  • Promotes pain-free intercourse
  • Tightens the labia and vaginal canal
  • Increases blood flow and sensitivity
  • Restores vaginal tone
  • Addresses a wide range of intimate needs, internally and externally
  • Extreme patient comfort over other uncomfortable treatments

How Does Votiva Work?

The Votiva non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation system offers an advanced dual handpiece system for both internal and external applications. Votiva treats each of the three layers of the vaginal canal—the mucosa, lamina propria, and muscularis—as well as the three structures of the vagina—the vaginal canal, labial structures, and introitus. This sets Votiva apart from most other technologies, which only target one area. Votiva delivers safe and gentle heating through the vaginal mucosal tissue, penetrating deep into the lamina propria and muscularis and reorganizing the layers of collagen and elastin fibers within these layers of tissue.

As high temperatures are reached, we induce new collagen formation in a novel, improved manner. The controlled bulk heating stimulates the formation of fibroblasts throughout the treated tissue, which sends signals to the body to generate new collagen and elastin fibers. This produces changes in muscle tone within the pelvic floor, improved vascularity or blood flow, and the formation of new, healthy tissue. With treatment, patients experience greater lubrication, changes to their vaginal PH, improvements to urinary symptoms, and a wide range of additional benefits.

Votiva Treatment

In Gainesville, FL

If you struggle with internal and/or external vaginal health issues, laxity, dryness, or pelvic floor problems, contact Florida Mind Health Center to discuss your options for non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation with Votiva. Our dedicated provider will meet with you to develop a customized treatment plan to help you achieve your unique goals.