Ketamine For Breakthrough Pain

The overuse of and depenence to opioid medication to treat non-cancer-related pain often results in pain of another variety — breakthrough pain. For those who experience it, breakthrough non-cancer pain can have significant, lasting impacts on each aspect of life, ranging from difficulties completing daily tasks to negative effects on a patient’s overall quality of life. Florida Mind Health Center, Gainesville’s ketamine treatment center, helps patients achieve effective pain management with ketamine for breakthrough pain in addition to additional types of pain conditions.

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What Is Breakthrough Pain?

Individuals taking narcotic pain medications regularly for an extended period can experience a sudden, more intense spike of pain known as breakthrough pain. Breakthrough pain, also referred to as flare-ups, is characterized as a transient flare of pain that rises to a moderate to severe degree of intensity compared to controlled baseline pain that is mild or moderate in intensity.

This type of pain has a distinct pattern in which the use of opioids for the treatment of chronic pain proves ineffective. While initial research on breakthrough pain primarily focused on cancer patients, it is now recognized in patients with chronic, non-cancer pain. It typically has a rapid onset, a relatively brief duration, and it is often unpredictable. Breakthrough pain can feel like chronic pain except that it is worse and varies both in intensity and duration.

Ketamine Treatment For Breakthrough Non-Cancer Pain

Rather than prescribing the same narcotics that caused the breakthrough pain, traditional breakthrough pain medication treatment protocols make use of alternative medications known to be better suited for treating pain with a sudden onset and short duration. It is common for patients who regularly take narcotic medications to gradually become more tolerant of and physically dependent on these drugs, resulting in a wide range of additional health consequences. Florida Mind Health Center offers an alternative solution to treating breakthrough non-cancer pain through ketamine treatment.

Our ketamine treatment protocol works to treat pain holistically, from the inside out — ketamine identifies, binds to, and inhibits N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors, blocking their ability to communicate with and send pain signals to the brain. Ketamine infusions likewise offer the benefit of restoring vital connections that naturally help the body heal itself and develop greater resistance to conditions that cause pain. Our treatments are tailored to each patient’s unique chemistry and may be used in conjunction with other therapies for a well-balanced approach that offers optimal benefits.

Ketamine Treatment Centers In Gainesville, FL

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