Immunity Boost IV

The human body requires a baseline of fluids to keep organs functioning and free of toxins. But, when an individual becomes ill, their body needs additional fluids, vitamins, and nutrients to mount adequate immune responses to combat the illness. Whether you’re feeling under the weather or want to decrease your chances of getting sick, you can supercharge your immune system and feel better faster with immunity IV therapy from Florida Mind Health Center.

We offer a comprehensive range of individually-curated, vitamin-infused, and nutrient-packed IV vitamin therapy treatments, including NAD+ therapy, Myers’ cocktail, and high-dose vitamin C — so you can look and feel your best every day. Contact our ketamine clinic for more information about our available treatments and to schedule IV therapy for better health and wellness.

What Is IV Immune Therapy?

Facilitate optimized health and enhance your body’s natural ability to heal with an immunity IV drip. Our immunity drip IV therapy is designed to maximize your body’s immune response and protect your health through a combination of powerful antioxidants, including high-dose vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, and zinc, all of which play a critical role in your body’s natural defense system and detoxification capabilities.

Boosting your antioxidant levels can both protect you from illnesses as well as help accelerate the recovery process should you become sick. Each of our IV drip therapy formulations contains a potent, natural blend of fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants to help kick your immune system into high gear and defend against the common cold, flu, and viruses. Contact our IV clinic today to schedule your IV vitamin therapy.

Key Ingredients

  • Ascorbic Acid (500 mg/ml)
  • Vitamins B1 & B3 (100 mg/ml)
  • Vitamins B2, B5 & B6 (2mg/ml)
  • Zinc Chloride 0.5 (mg/ml)

Immunity IV Drip Benefits

Our busy schedules keep us constantly on the move and, sometimes, ill-equipped to adequately care for our health and wellbeing. Skipping meals and getting fewer than 8 hours of sleep each night are just a couple of the challenges our immune systems face — when they occur at the same time, the effects become compounded. As a result, our immune systems must work overtime to keep us healthy. Our immunity IV drip therapy aids the immune system in maintaining a healthy and strong defense against potential illnesses and helps us recover rapidly when we become ill. Enjoy the following benefits from immunity IV therapy.

  • Fights viral and bacterial infections
  • Protects from the common cold, allergies, and flu
  • Improves healing time following illness or surgery
  • Boosts hydration throughout the body
  • Builds up your immune system
  • Reduces symptoms from allergies and asthma
  • Decreases duration of illnesses

Do Vitamin IVs Really Work?

Yes! Our immunity formulation is recommended to patients at the first signs of sickness, before or after travel, pre or post-surgery, or just as a preventative health measure. In contrast with oral consumption, receiving these key nutrients through IV therapy heightens their absorption rates, while delivering them directly into the bloodstream and bypassing the requirement of digestion before being absorbed.

As a result of this effective delivery system, patients feel the positive effects of our immunity drip immediately following treatment. What’s more, we offer a full assortment of IV formulations created to restore, refresh, and revitalize your mind, body, and health, including quench, recovery & performance, alleviate, inner beauty, and get up & go, so you can feel your best every day of the year!

Boost Your Immune System With IV Therapy

Make our immunity IV drip a part of your regular health routine — you’ll be happily surprised by how much money and time you’ll save down the road by keeping your health in tip-top shape. Contact Florida Mind Health Center today to find out how vitamin therapy can help you on your journey to optimized health and wellness — schedule your IV treatment today!